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Brand is Made on the Promises We Kept.

Being a R&D manufacturer in China since 2009, we launched the 1st auto sheet-fed digital cutter in China on 2014.

We are dedicated to provide client with reliable product with afordable price. 

Here is what our clients say:

Argentina - Alejandro​

ok, gracias. ya les avise al courier.

Ya he probado el plotter, anda muy bien esoty muy contento.

Brazil - Wesley Garces

btw,  the cutter is fantastic... I am very happy with it untill now...

works very good, very stable

France - Michael

I remade the file and everything works well. Thank you very much Arthur! Your support is unique... I am

doing the same to my customers. It's pleasure to make business with you...

Japan - Tomokichi Fujimoto

Thank you so much. I like this machine very much.

Namibia - Divian

Thanks man I appreciate your good service I don't know where I will

ever find another supplier like you.

Tanzania - Abu fatimah

​Ok thank you. But in general I love the machine. Really appreciate. Only this small problems which I am sure I will solve. Thank you once again.

Peru - Julio

Estoy muy agradecido contigo amigo. Se que estamos lejos, pero estoy agradecido. soy fotografo y rectocador fotografico. si u dia necesitas algo de mi, con mucho gusto yo puedo ayudarte.

en lo que necesites

​Singapore - Young Sie

Thank you for your speed replies. It's so easy to liaise with you.

Spain - Jacabo

Hello, I made the change, now it cuts perfect, thank you very much for your support. 

If you have web reviews I can write a review about your great support. Thanks you

USA - Hans Mentink

The AStarCut machine is working well. Have a good show!

And the list goes on... And we also get criticism which push us to do better. 

I do believe the Brand is made on the promises we are keeping. ​ 

Appreciate for choosing us/Gracias por elegir nosotros/谢谢 :)  Together we will do better.

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